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Strawberry-Neroli Body Quench:  90 min/$168.
Hydrate and brighten your full body with a skin-refining exfoliation blend of organic Strawberry, Rhubarb and Rice powder.  Layered with organic Apricot oil, this combination creates a gentle, yet effective body exfoliation to refine and renew your skin. Following a lovely Rain Shower to remove the exfoliation process, the body is then cocooned in a deeply hydrating body mask.  A luscious hydrating quench of organic Strawberry and Rhubarb with a delicate Neroli mist will leave your skin brightened, softer and deliciously hydrated.

Mango-Blueberry Body Buff:  90 min/$168.
This gentle yet stimulating full-body renewal treatment begins with dry brushing to stimulate blood flow and awaken the lymphatic system.  Exfoliation continues with an organic Sugar Scrub blended with herbal tea to assist in detoxification.  A Mango enzyme body mask is applied to assist in detoxifying while infusing the skin with super rich antioxidant benefits. Indulge in the Rain Shower to remove the body mask and dive into a luscious organic Blueberry Soy Body Souffle.  You will walk away with skin that is silky smooth, firm and hydrated.

Organic Sugar Polish:  60 min/$125.
Delicate exfoliation to gently remove dead skin cells. Organic raw sugar cane granules blended with virgin coconut oil revitalizes the skin tone and locks in moisture.

Rice Powder Body Polish:  60 min/$130.
A blend of crushed rice, chickpea and oat flour smoothly exfoliate the skin, along with antioxidant rich seabuckthorn oil, apricot kernel oil and pomegranate seed oil reveal radiant, soft and supple skin.